A2.3 Business conversation and grammar for elementary level

onsdag 3. februar
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Start 03.02.2021
Periode 03.02.2021 til 07.04.2021
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Increase your confidence and improve your delivery. Learn how to handle more challenging situations in English such as how to discuss problems and agree on solutions, ask for and give opinions and make a good impression when presenting your company. You will improve specific work-related skills such as describing problems, responding to suggestions and presenting business topics. You will have the opportunity to extend your vocabulary with useful business-related words. In addition, you will learn how to prepare for a negotiation and role play a real life situation.
At the same time, the accuracy of your grammar will improve once you have learnt the difference between e.g. I stay, I am staying, do/did/does, and bad/worse/worst

In order to be able to manage work situations such as participating in a discussion or starting a presentation, it is important that you have the necessary vocabulary when, for example, agreeing and disagreeing, outlining aims during a meeting, organising information and asking for feedback. Therefore, the course also focuses on ensuring you are able to handle such situations.

You will be expected to complete 3 written assignments, such as writing business emails and internal messages for which your teacher will give you feedback.

Teaching material
We recommend that you buy the book Market Leader 3rd Edition Extra Elementary Course book with DVD-ROM Pack (Pearson Education ESL), ISBN 9781292134758, before the course starts. The book has been developed in cooperation with The Financial Times. We will study selected pages from chapters 7-9.
You can buy the book here: academicbooks.dk or at Academic Books, Øster Farimagsgade 5A, 1353 Copenhagen K.

Practical information
This course is for you if you have already completed courses at A2 level, elementary courses at another language school, or you have picked up some English elsewhere and would like to develop your skills further. You will have access to our online learning platform, Moodle, where you will find the course plan, teaching material, homework and other useful online resources for learning English, which your teacher has selected for you and your class. Via Moodle, you can also communicate with your teacher and fellow students.

The number of students on all courses at the Cambridge Institute is just 4-8. Small classes mean that your teacher has more time to help you personally during each lesson.

Preparation time: 1-2 hours per week.

Stanley Bento

Stanley er fra Sacramento, Californien I USA. Han har en master fra UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) og har undervist i engelsk som andetsprog i Portugal og Danmark i mange år. I Los Angeles og Sacramento underviste han i engelsk for nyligt ankomne immigranter. Han har stor erfaring med at undervise på alle niveauer og underviser i både alment engelsk og business engelsk, hvor han har undervist ansatte i flere af Danmarks største virksomheder. Han synes, det er både spændende og givende at hjælpe kursister med at forbedre deres engelske sprogfærdigheder. Som det ofte er tilfældet, så kom Stanley til Danmark på grund af en dansk pige.
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A2.3 Business conversation and grammar for elementary level

3. februar - 7. april