C1.2 English for Professional Life

mandag 18. november
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Tid man 14.30 - 16.40

Now you have reached the level - both in relation to your English language skills and your understanding of conducting business internationally - where you are able to study/discuss things in depth. Therefore, on this course, we will look at useful vocabulary/phrases and situations in which the relationship with the customer plays a role.

To this end, we will read and discuss articles concerning customer choice and preference. Additional topics for discussion will include corporate social responsibility and ethics.

Written English
Written tasks will include an email, which you will be asked to improve in order to avoid conflict. Especially when it comes to writing, the small details often determine whether you manage to achieve your aim. Therefore, the methods you can use to avoid a conflict when sending an email can also be used when you want to achieve other goals with your emails.
You will also be expected to write two press releases for which you will receive feedback from your teacher.

Teaching material
We recommend that you buy the book Market Leader 3rd Edition Extra Advanced Course book with DVD-ROM Pack (Pearson Education ESL), ISBN 978-1292135274, before the course starts. The book has been developed in cooperation with The Financial Times. We will study selected pages from chapters 4-6.
You can buy the book here: www.academicbooks.dk, or at Academic Books, Øster Farimagsgade 5A, 1353 Copenhagen K.

Practical information
You will have access to our online learning platform, Moodle, where you will find the course plan, teaching material, homework and other useful online resources for learning English, which your teacher has selected for you and your class. Via Moodle, you can also communicate with your teacher and fellow students.

The number of students on all courses at the Cambridge Institute is just 4-8. Small classes mean that your teacher has more time to help you personally during each lesson.

Preparation time: 1-2 hours per week.

Ben Galvin

C1.2 English for Professional Life

18. november - 27. januar