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Fully Flexible Online Business Vocabulary and Speaking Course - any level
This course offers you the chance to:

  • Have the flexibility to study professional English at any time and from anywhere

  • Study real life business cases

  • Improve your business vocabulary and conversational skills

  • Take part in online lessons with your teacher

Note! This course is not a grammar course. However, grammar exercises can be completed as homework and with your teacher during Zoom lessons - if you wish.

Practical information
This online course consists of a digital system and is a mix of online self-study and face-to-face conversation lessons with your course instructor at Cambridge Institute, on Zoom, or in a virtual classroom. You decide! After the agreed period with your instructor has ended, you will still have access to the online course up to one year from the start date.

You can choose to improve your speaking, reading, writing, listening and pronunciation skills or just select the ones you need. Depending on your level, you will learn how to: introduce yourself and your company, talk about business planning and international markets, describe challenges and find solutions, give instructions, make small talk, discuss business topics, and have effective debates.

All your assignments are corrected automatically and your course instructor will monitor your work along the way. Each unit includes language reviews, pronunciation practice and interviews with business people.

Course tempo
This course includes 12 face-to-face conversation lessons with your instructor, or you can choose to have only 10 conversation lessons plus correction feedback to some of your writing assignments. At the face-to-face meetings, you can further improve your speaking skills by practising what you have learned, and by using new vocabulary prepared by your instructor that is relevant to you.

You can choose to complete either half of the course or the full course within a 12-week period, or longer to include any planned holidays. When you register, you must take our online placement test and let us know once you have completed it. Then your course instructor will contact you to arrange a short online interview in order to decide your level and course structure.

Your course should start within 1-2 weeks after the online interview date.

Mavis Graham

Mavis Graham har en CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults). Hun har jamaicanske rødder, men er født og opvokset i England og flyttede til Danmark i 2003. Mavis har en sprudlende personlighed og mener, at ”al undervisning skal være både sjov og lærerig!”

Mavis anbefaler:
Places to visit in England: The Cotswolds, Devon and Cornwall – for a beautiful coastline, countryside, villages and many other attractions.
Food: Go to a tea room in a village, in any tourist area, and have scones with clotted cream and jam. Yummy! Fish and chips (with salt and vinegar), from a good fish 'n’ chips shop, is a 'must try' and can be bought almost anywhere in England. Enjoy!

Learning Tips:
Read English books that have CDs so that you can listen while you read for correct pronunciation.
Watch lots of English films and only use subtitles in English, if needed
Try to use new words and phrases that you learn, as much as possible.  Remember - ‘use it or lose it'!
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Business English - Online