Cambridge English Proficiency Weekly - C2.2





25.02.2019 til 01.04.2019


kr. 2.295




man 17:00 - 19:10




Borgergade 12, 1. Sal



Would you like to hone your advanced English skills in a structured way? This course provides you with the skills needed to work or study in a senior professional or academic environment. Exercises on text comprehension and class discussions are conducted at a proficient level.
Students are expected to engage in discussions using a broad range of vocabulary and will be challenged on their understanding of the nuances of the English language. During these discussions, students will be expected to be able to contribute well-formulated arguments and observations to the conversation.

The teaching at proficiency level is aimed at enhancing the student's ability to communicate in English using fluent, well-formulated sentences and nuanced language.

Level C2 weekly is divided into six parts that can be taken independently of each other. Each part consists of 15 lessons.

On this course, you will study chapters 3-4 of the Cambridge English Proficiency Masterclass Student's Book

The course follows a syllabus that prepares you for the optional Cambridge exam C2 Proficiency (CPE).

Teaching material
Cambridge English Proficiency Masterclass Student's Book (Oxford University Press) ISBN 9780194705240. You should buy the book before the start of the course. You can either buy the book online at or at their shop:
Academic Books
Øster Farimagsgade 5 A
1353 København K

The Moodle learning platform
Moodle is Cambridge Institute's online course platform, which we use for all our courses. You will be given personal access to your course Moodle page, where you can:

  • Find your course plan and teaching material

  • Find homework

  • Watch videos and click on links to useful English resources on the Internet uploaded by your teacher

  • Find practical information about each lesson

  • Communicate with your teacher and fellow students

  • If you are ill or absent during the course, you can always follow the teaching and catch up via Moodle.

4-8 students.

Lakambini Sitoy

Cambridge English Proficiency Weekly - C2.2

25. februar - 1. april